Crown by Velocity Warm Air Furnaces - Oil

Crown Boiler


5-Ton Hiboy Shorty (0H8SA)

Standard features of Crown Oil Furnaces include a heavy-gauge drum-style heat exchanger and ceramic fiber combustion chamber, which serves to greatly reduce the combustion noise associated with expansion and contraction. This design heats up quickly, re-radiates heat back into the fire providing more complete combustion and cools down quickly after the burner is called to stop.

Horizontal/Counterflow (CHC)

The Crown Oil Furnace (CHC-CBP) is a multi-position compact design furnaces, supporting all configurations, upflow, horizontal left or right and downflow. This style furnace can be mounted horizontally where height restrictions are paramount. For instance in a basement crawl space or attic. Most furnaces draw cold air in at the bottom and warm air is released out the top. In certain situations, this is not practical and a counterflow or (“downflow”) furnace is needed. In a counterflow furnace, cold air is drawn in from the top and warm air is released out the bottom.

Low Boy (CLBF/R)

The Crown Oil Furnaces (CLBF & CLBR) are lowboy furnaces with the blower located in back of the heat exchanger. A lowboy is a shorter height furnace with a design typically used for basement room installations with low-height restrictions. Crown CLBF is for front flue applications and the Crown CLBR is for rear flue applications.

Hiboy Shorty (CSHB60-90ABP/T)

The Hiboy Shorty Furnace is a residential, oil-fired warm air furnace. The Hiboy Shorty is designed for use with a conventional chimney; an optional direct sidewall vent kit is available when utilizing a chimney is not practical. The Hiboy Shorty also comes with an air conditioning ready fan control center, with conveniently located, color-coded wiring. The furnace also includes a washable air filter, as well as a heavy duty heat exchanger, manufactured from precision-made 16 gauge sheet steel, 100% welded and quality tested to last a lifetime.